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...handcrafted Christian jewelry Circa 33 AD


Welcome to my shop. As you see I'm an old guy. Well this old guy has been around the block many , many time. I guess I'm just a dreamer. I dreamed about running away and joining  a circus or a theater. So I did for about 30 years. And it was great! Then I wondered what it would be like to give up fighting and answer God's call to ministry. So I did that  for about 20 years as a prison and street chaplain. And that was great

So that brings us together now. I started making jewelry about 10 years years ago (just to keep my head screwed on).Now I dream everyday. From the very first time I sat at a silversmith's workbench , all I wanted to create was jewelry for fellow followers of  my lord and saviour. Jesus Christ. And it is great!

Have a look through my store. You can  visit me in my summer shop on Prince Edward Island, Canada. 

Peace and Blessings and Dreaming

In Christ - Scott

Scott MacIsaac ,Founder/Silversmith

I am a Christian by God's grace,I was  a prison chaplain by calling and a silversmith by choice. For me, the cross of Christ has always been the visual touchstone of my faith.


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