A Handmade Cross

Handcrafted Christian Jewelry   circa 33AD

Handmade Christian jewelry

Welcome to my shop. As you see I'm an old guy. Well this old guy has been around the block many , many times. I guess I'm just a dreamer. I dreamed about running away and joining  a circus or a theater. So I did for about 30 years. And it was great! Then I wondered what it would be like to give up fighting and answer God's call to ministry. So I did that  for about 20 years as a prison and street chaplain. And that was great

So that brings us together now. I started making jewelry about 10 years years ago (just to keep my head screwed on).Now I dream everyday. From the very first time I sat at a silversmith's workbench , all I wanted to create was jewelry for fellow followers of  my lord and saviour. Jesus Christ. And it is great!

Peace and Blessings and Dreaming

In Christ - Scott

Scott MacIsaac ,Founder/Silversmith