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A Handmade Cross
handcrafted for you

  • Where can I purchase A Handmade Cross jewelry and gifts?
    At our seasonal retail shop in beautiful Victoria By the Sea on Prince Edward Island in Canada. Our work is also available online through our website store, and on the Facebook. You can also find A Handmade Cross products on Etsy
  • Why only Christian jewelry?
    Because its my ministry; is the short answer. The long answer takes too long but you can read my story here on the website. It has remained the same since last year when I wrote the store except for the fact that I'm getting older...still good looking and others say increasingly delusional.
  • How does the shipping work?
    As of 2020 I offer free shipping. This covers normal mail postage. If you want the item(s) faster , I can send your pieces via a delivery service. In that case I add the extra cost less the cost of normal shipping cost to the overall price. I try to get an order out ASAP but since I make each piece in at a time , it can take a little longer. I try to keep you updated on delivery times.
  • Do you do custom work?
    Yes. Virtually all my work is custom work in that all pieces are handcrafted. In addition, I love to work with people's ideas and needs to create unique pieces, Also its often possible to make modifications to the stock pieces free of charge
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