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Welcome to my summertime shop. It is located in the beautiful historic village, Victoria by the Sea on Prince Edward Island. It's a community of artisans, fishers, great restaurants and a professional theater Playhouse. My shop is located in the village core. All of my work is on display and I'd love to have you over for a visit. Bribery with a coffee (1 cream/1 sugar) is always accepted. Part of the joy of doing my work with Christian jewelry and gifts, are the wonderful conversations that take place as visitors from around the world drop by. We are open in Victoria from May 1st- October 31st,  7 days a week. Before you come just to make sure I haven't overslept,  text me at 902-940-2490  or email or chat at the spots on my site. Looking forward to saying hello. 


I am a Christian by God's grace,I was  a prison chaplain by calling and a silversmith by choice. For me, the cross of Christ has always been the visual touchstone of my faith.


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