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Coming out of the cross closet

Being a Christian in a world that is increasingly non-Christian or anti-Christian requires courage. Without question, the Christian cross is the symbol of our faith. Wearing that symbol provides us with a straightforward statement that says " I am a follower of Christ". Sound pretty simple but it isn't. Never before in the history of Christianity has it faced such hostility. Never before has it experienced such apathy. With that reality, many followers have taken to hiding their faith. Closet Christians are a growing congregation. Here's a way of getting my point. The next time you are at a checkout in a store, wear a cross on the outside of your clothes. See how many people do a double-take when they see your cross. You have no idea what they are thinking but at the very least they see you as a Christian. When I handcraft my pieces be they crosses, bracelets, earrings, or rings I do so to provide the wearer with means of coming out of the cross closet to say with love (not conceit or hostility) I am a follower of Jesus Christ.

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