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Oh great, I lost one of my diamond stud earrings! I guess I could go to Van Gogh but that would definitely hurt. I know I'll take it to Scott MacIsaac and he can do a magic trick with his cross-making at A Handmade Cross!

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  • Writer's pictureScott MacIsaac
Every day in my studio, I go about the business of handcrafting rings or crosses or maybe a set of earrings. Each thing is bound to be one of a kind because I craft each item one at a time.

Maybe it's just too much coffee or not enough coffee, but sometimes I look at a piece to ensure it makes the grade to share; I ponder whether or not if I offered Jesus a cross would He wear it?

If it's just made out of driftwood, would that fit a King? Is a beautiful silver or gold cross too ostentatious for a peasant? Is a resin cross somehow too unnatural ?

A lot of weird questions, I hope someday if I get to meet Him he'll give the answers. I wonder if he'll be wearing one of my crosses.
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  • Writer's pictureScott MacIsaac

Updated: Jan 6

Essentially there are 2 types of Christian crosses; the crucifix and the cross without a corpus (body). This difference came with the reformation and the desire for the new protesting Christians to differentiate themselves from Roman Catholics.

Regardless of this major difference, after handcrafting hundreds of designs of Christian crosses, Christian bracelets, Christian earrings, and Christian earrings, and Christian rings, my position on the question of the "right look" is that there is no "right look".

As to materials, I use silver, gold, wood, stone, candles, leather brass, and copper anything goes.

Whatever cross or cross-themed item that helps you walk stronger in your faith, is the right one for you.

Blessings - Scott
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